About Me

Maria’s my name and you came across my site because you’re like me – designing your home one little bit at a time. No, I am not talking about placing stone after stone and making your own home (I am a stay at home mom after all).

I’m talking about making your home match your personality perfectly.

What are you talking about Maria?

Let’s start with a little story. I like my home, I do, but when I first moved in, I didn’t like the green paint on the bathroom walls, and I wanted a shower head that felt more like rain than hard pulsating water bouncing off of my skin.

It’s the little things that you overlook when buying a home.

I could have asked my husband for help, but I am home and when my son is asleep, I like to do fun projects to keep me busy.

So, that green wall – it’s now beige with beautiful crown molding added. The best part is, I did it all myself, saved money and had a very happy husband that appreciated the new upgraded room.

The pelting water was a breeze to fix with a new shower head (installed by yours truly).

Heck, I have even caulked the tile in the bathroom and refinished the ugly cabinets in the kitchen. I did it all myself – with some help off the Internet – and a few mistakes along the way of course.

It is satisfying, and something I decided to share with the world.

I won’t be showing you how to build a house – yet – but I will be showing all of you moms or new homeowners how to make your home truly yours. From changing and upgrading fixtures to painting and even décor, I will cover it all so you, too, can have a home that pops with your personality.